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A Bolt of Brilliance

A short and sweet review of the cheap and cheerful Tata Bolt

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How to Flop on Twitter

The use of social media to promote oneself has become a necessity in the modern world. This is due to the use of hash-tagging as a sort of search engine which has altogether altered how we use social media. Yet,... Continue Reading →

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Renaults Swiss Army Car

Renault Duster 1.5 Dci   The Swiss Army knife is all that anyone could ask of a pocket sized utility tool. It traditionally has, scissors, two knife blades, a file, cork screw, tweezers, a tooth pick and a strange hooked... Continue Reading →

How Many Seats…

These days, you can buy a car with up to seven seats, and unless you have five children, I feel it doesn't make any sense. Adding seats into a vehicle effectively means that vehicles must get larger so as to... Continue Reading →

Why Hot Hatches Matter

The hot hatch is the evergreen darling genre of the car industry. Since the inception of the hot hatchback, with the Volkswagen Golf gti in 1976, the market has grown into one of the most diverse within the industry of... Continue Reading →

Hello world!

Welcome one and all to the Flappy Paddle, a blog dedicated to the world of cars and motoring. There will be no discrimination and cars of all cults and denominations can, and will, be herein discussed. From telling you how... Continue Reading →

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