These days, you can buy a car with up to seven seats, and unless you have five children, I feel it doesn’t make any sense. Adding seats into a vehicle effectively means that vehicles must get larger so as to accommodate these extra seats. This subsequently means that vehicles are getting heavier, and heavy cars consume more fuel and produce more carbon and if we carry on in this way we will all be doomed.

What is the solution though? Simple, remove seats, don’t add them on. This makes cars simpler, and lighter, and we all know that lighter means better. You may complain that you have five children and thus need a massive lethargic seven-seater leviathan to lug your family around, and the simple truth is that you have too many children and should suffer due to your inability to understand the concept of contraceptives.

You see, this is an age where downsizing is not a trend, it is a necessity. So big, inefficient cars are dinosaurs that should no longer exist. What I propose is not to have even four or two seater cars. My reasoning being that if you look around while on the motorway, most people are driving along with three empty seats to keep them company. My proposal is to have single seater cars, which will reduce production cost, reduce emissions and technically, save the world.

Renault is already on to this solution that I’ve just now offered, and are already producing the Reanault Twizy which is a small, single seater, electrically motivated city car. It really is a brilliant idea, which can solve congestion and parking space issues and make unicorns smile because it is really that brilliant.

As for the performance car, this especially needs only one seat. The only person who needs to be entertained is you, no passengers required. Bikers have known this for ages, removing rear seats so as to be incapable of carrying passengers, and its time for the car world to follow suit. The BAC- MONO has already set a template for what a road going performance car can be. It is focussed, and it looks crazy and due to the light weight it needs little power to tear your entire face off.

To remove the superfluous seats for passengers, one makes the car better, more responsive and more friendly to all the fluffy cute things in the forests. The BAC-MONO has shown us it can be done, the Honda 2&4 concept is showing us what is possible and all that’s left to do is for us to demand these lightweight machines of fury and fear, all to save our beloved planet, of course.