The use of social media to promote oneself has become a necessity in the modern world. This is due to the use of hash-tagging as a sort of search engine which has altogether altered how we use social media. Yet, actually using social media successfully can be a challenge, particularly on Twitter.

My first problem was that my theme was focused on cars, and while of general interest, the topic was not ‘trending‘ on Twitter. This and also my lack of repertoire as a voice in the motoring world meant that my attempts on Twitter were largely unsuccessful, but for a singular retweet and a like.

The Tweets were of one written article and two YouTube video links. The written piece was on the Renault Clio RS16, which is the ultimate expression of the hot hatch segment ( next post was a video of the Porsche 911R, which just showed the car driving along, as not much needs to be said about an instant legend ( Lastly was a video comparing an old and a new Mazda MX-5, as car guys love old vs new comparisons (

Were I to do this again, I would attempt to more closely link my posts with the currently trending themes and topics on Twitter. Alas, foresight and hindsight have eluded me both.