Firstly, about me. I am from the city of Johannesburg, in South Africa, a country situated at (as the name suggests) the most Southern end of Africa. I matriculated in 2011 from Sacred Heart College, then began my studies in journalism at the University of Johannesburg in 2013. Why journalism, you may be (but probably aren’t) asking. Well I’ll tell you why, because I wanted a job where I could work with cars and be paid for it. Being a mechanic was too laborious an option, being an engineer required too much maths and racing cars requires actual talent. However, I can write, and so why not write about cars?

Hence this blog, The Flappy Paddle, which I will use as a platform from which to tell you all about cars. The name is mostly just there because it has a catchy sound to it. In reality, this blog will actually discuss cars from all drives of life, not just flappy paddled machinery. There is a low likelihood of having the latest car reviews here, but a high chance of car related banter, which may be a discussion on why muscle cars are worthless or a reflection on why certain cars are so desirable. This blog is really about talking about cars and what makes them special, and what cars are indeed special and why cars are relevant, and probably other things too.